tripkit-android / com.skedgo.geocoding / GCAppResult


open class GCAppResult :GCResult,GCAppResultInterface

Represents the the minimum information we need to calculate the score for a result obtained from the information stored in the app by the user.


Name Summary
<init> GCAppResult(name:String!, lat:Double, lng:Double, address:String, isFavourite:Boolean, source: Source)


Name Summary
getAppResultSource open fun getAppResultSource(): Source!
getSubtitle open fun getSubtitle():String
isFavourite open fun isFavourite():Boolean
setAppResultSource open fun setAppResultSource(source: Source!):Unit
setIsFavourite open fun setIsFavourite(favourite:Boolean):Unit
setSubtitle open fun setSubtitle(subtitle:String):Unit