tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.a2brouting / RouteService


interface RouteService


Name Summary
routeAsync To find routes from A to B asynchronously.abstract fun routeAsync(query:Query, transportModeFilter:TransportModeFilter= object : TransportModeFilter {}, transitModeFilter:TransitModeFilter= object : TransitModeFilter {}): Observable<List<TripGroup>>


Name Summary
SingleRouteService A decorator of RouteService that performs only one routing request. For example, if we ask it to route from A to B, and while that request is still progress and later we ask it to route from C to B, then the request A-to-B will be cancelled. Cancellation is invoked asynchronously. That means the execution of the request C-to-D doesn't have to wait for the cancellation of the request A-to-B to be done to get started.class SingleRouteService :RouteService