tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.common.model / Location


open class Location : Parcelable


Name Summary
<init> Location()
Location(lat:Double, lon:Double)


Name Summary
CREATOR static val CREATOR: Creator<Location!>!
GOOGLE static val GOOGLE:String
LOCAL static val LOCAL:String
mAverageRating var mAverageRating:Float
mFavouriteSortOrderIndex var mFavouriteSortOrderIndex:Int
mId var mId:Long
mIsFavourite var mIsFavourite:Boolean
mLocationType var mLocationType:Int
mRatingCount var mRatingCount:Int
mRatingImageUrl var mRatingImageUrl:String!
mSource var mSource:String!
TRIPGO Sourcestatic val TRIPGO:String
TYPE_CALENDAR Location comes from users calendarstatic val TYPE_CALENDAR:Int
TYPE_CONTACT Location comes from a contact in the users address bookstatic val TYPE_CONTACT:Int
TYPE_HISTORY Location comes from previous search/geocoding history or long-pressedstatic val TYPE_HISTORY:Int
TYPE_HOME Location is info from the users personal contact card (home/work address etc)static val TYPE_HOME:Int
TYPE_PERSONAL Location is info from the users personal contact card (home/work address etc)static val TYPE_PERSONAL:Int
TYPE_SCHEDULED_STOP The location is a scheduled stopstatic val TYPE_SCHEDULED_STOP:Int
TYPE_SERVICE_STOP Location is a stop on a user's tripstatic val TYPE_SERVICE_STOP:Int
TYPE_UNKNOWN No known location typestatic val TYPE_UNKNOWN:Int
TYPE_W3W What3Words typestatic val TYPE_W3W:Int
TYPE_WORK static val TYPE_WORK:Int
ZERO_LAT static val ZERO_LAT:Double
ZERO_LON static val ZERO_LON:Double


Name Summary
describeContents open fun describeContents():Int
distanceTo open fun distanceTo(location:Location!):Int
Get the distance between this and another point open fun distanceTo(lat:Double, lon:Double):Int
equals open fun equals(other:Any?):Boolean
equalsByLatLon open fun equalsByLatLon(_loc:Location!):Boolean
fillFrom open fun fillFrom(other:Location!):Unit
getAddress open fun getAddress():String!
getAverageRating open fun getAverageRating():Float
getBearing open fun getBearing():Int
getBearingTo open fun getBearingTo(other:Location!):Double
open fun getBearingTo(lat:Double, lon:Double):Double
getCoordinateString open fun getCoordinateString():String!
getDisplayAddress open fun getDisplayAddress():String!
getDisplayName To present a human-readable name of a location. Invoke this if we want to present a location to users (e.g, a pin on a map, location of an event).open fun getDisplayName():String!
getFavouriteSortOrderIndex open fun getFavouriteSortOrderIndex():Int
getId open fun getId():Long
getLastUpdatedTime open fun getLastUpdatedTime():Long
getLat open fun getLat():Double
getLocationClass open fun getLocationClass():String?
getLocationType open fun getLocationType():Int
getLon open fun getLon():Double
getName open fun getName():String!
getNameOrApproximateAddress open fun getNameOrApproximateAddress():String!
getPhoneNumber open fun getPhoneNumber():String!
getPopularity open fun getPopularity():Int
getRatingCount open fun getRatingCount():Int
getRatingImageUrl open fun getRatingImageUrl():String!
getSource open fun getSource():String!
getUrl open fun getUrl():String!
getW3w open fun getW3w():String!
getW3wInfoURL open fun getW3wInfoURL():String!
hasValidCoordinates open fun hasValidCoordinates():Boolean
isApproximatelyAt open fun isApproximatelyAt(other:Location!):Boolean
open fun isApproximatelyAt(lat:Double, lon:Double):Boolean
isExact open fun isExact():Boolean
isFavourite open fun isFavourite():Boolean
open fun isFavourite(favourite:Boolean):Unit
isLooselyApproximatelyAt open fun isLooselyApproximatelyAt(other:Location!):Boolean
isNonZeroLocation open fun isNonZeroLocation():Boolean
isValidLocation open static fun isValidLocation(loc:Location!):Boolean
round open fun round(d:Double):Double
setAddress open fun setAddress(address:String!):Unit
setAverageRating open fun setAverageRating(averageRating:Float):Unit
setBearing open fun setBearing(bearing:Int):Unit
setExact open fun setExact(exact:Boolean):Unit
setFavouriteSortOrderIndex open fun setFavouriteSortOrderIndex(favouriteSortOrderIndex:Int):Unit
setId open fun setId(id:Long):Unit
setLastUpdatedTime open fun setLastUpdatedTime(lastUpdatedTime:Long):Unit
setLat open fun setLat(lat:Double):Unit
setLocationClass open fun setLocationClass(locationClass:String!):Unit
setLocationType open fun setLocationType(type:Int):Unit
setLon open fun setLon(lon:Double):Unit
setName open fun setName(name:String!):Unit
setPhoneNumber open fun setPhoneNumber(phoneNumber:String!):Unit
setPopularity open fun setPopularity(popularity:Int):Unit
setRatingCount open fun setRatingCount(ratingCount:Int):Unit
setRatingImageUrl open fun setRatingImageUrl(ratingImageUrl:String!):Unit
setSource open fun setSource(source:String!):Unit
setTimeZone NOTE: You should only use this setter for testing fun setTimeZone(timeZone:String?):Unit
setUrl open fun setUrl(url:String!):Unit
setW3w open fun setW3w(w3w:String!):Unit
setW3wInfoURL open fun setW3wInfoURL(w3wInfoURL:String!):Unit
writeToParcel open fun writeToParcel(out: Parcel!, flags:Int):Unit

Extension Properties

Name Summary
dateTimeZone valLocation.dateTimeZone: DateTimeZone

Extension Functions

Name Summary
isNear funLocation.isNear(location:Location):Boolean


Name Summary
ScheduledStop open class ScheduledStop :Location
ServiceStop Represents a future stop of a service in a class ServiceStop :Location,WheelchairAccessible