tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.common.model / Query


open class Query : Parcelable

Represents a query to find routes from A to B. Note that, to avoid TransactionTooLargeException, it's discouraged to pass any instance of Query to an Intent or a Bundle. The Parcelable is subject to deletion at anytime.


Name Summary
<init> Query()


Name Summary
CREATOR static val CREATOR: Creator<Query!>!


Name Summary
clone open fun clone():Query!
open fun clone(cloneTransportMode:Boolean):Query!
describeContents open fun describeContents():Int
destinationIsCurrentLocation open fun destinationIsCurrentLocation():Boolean
equals open fun equals(other:Any?):Boolean
getArriveBy open fun getArriveBy():Long
getBudgetWeight open fun getBudgetWeight():Int
getCyclingSpeed open fun getCyclingSpeed():Int
getDepartAfter open fun getDepartAfter():Long
getEnvironmentWeight open fun getEnvironmentWeight():Int
getExcludedStopCodes open fun getExcludedStopCodes():MutableList<String!>!
getFromLocation open fun getFromLocation():Location?
getHassleWeight open fun getHassleWeight():Int
getMaxWalkingTime In minutes. Note that this is only used for XUM fun getMaxWalkingTime():Int
getTimeTag open fun getTimeTag():TimeTag?
getTimeWeight open fun getTimeWeight():Int
getToLocation open fun getToLocation():Location?
getTransferTime open fun getTransferTime():Int
getUnit open fun getUnit():String!
getWalkingSpeed open fun getWalkingSpeed():Int
hashCode open fun hashCode():Int
originIsCurrentLocation open fun originIsCurrentLocation():Boolean
setBudgetWeight open fun setBudgetWeight(weight:Int):Unit
setCyclingSpeed open fun setCyclingSpeed(cyclingSpeed:Int):Unit
setEnvironmentWeight open fun setEnvironmentWeight(weight:Int):Unit
setExcludedStopCodes open fun setExcludedStopCodes(excludedStopCodes:MutableList<String!>!):Unit
setFromLocation open fun setFromLocation(location:Location!):Unit
setHassleWeight open fun setHassleWeight(weight:Int):Unit
setMaxWalkingTime In minutes. Note that this is only used for XUM fun setMaxWalkingTime(minutes:Int):Unit
setTimeTag open fun setTimeTag(timeTag:TimeTag):Unit
setTimeWeight open fun setTimeWeight(weight:Int):Unit
setToLocation open fun setToLocation(location:Location!):Unit
setTransferTime open fun setTransferTime(transferTime:Int):Unit
setUnit open fun setUnit(unit:String!):Unit
setWalkingSpeed open fun setWalkingSpeed(walkingSpeed:Int):Unit
uuid open fun uuid():String!
writeToParcel open fun writeToParcel(dest: Parcel!, flags:Int):Unit