tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.ui.routeinput / RouteInputView


class RouteInputView : CardView, OnClickListener

A widget for display start and destination locations, as well as departure/arrival times and a "Route" button.


Name Summary
OnRouteWidgetClickedListener Interface definition for a callback that is called when one of several widgets are clicked.interface OnRouteWidgetClickedListener


Name Summary
<init> RouteInputView(context: Context)
RouteInputView(context: Context, attrs: AttributeSet?)


Name Summary
onClick fun onClick(view: View?):Unit
setDestinationText Sets the displayed text in the Destination setDestinationText(text:String):Unit
setOnRouteWidgetClickedListener Register a callback to be invoked when a widget is setOnRouteWidgetClickedListener(callback: OnRouteWidgetClickedListener):Unitfun setOnRouteWidgetClickedListener(listener: (Widget) ->Unit):Unit
setStartText Sets the displayed text in the Start setStartText(text:String):Unit
setTimeButton Sets the displayed text on the Time setTimeButton(text:String):Unit