View Controllers of TripKitUI

TripKitUI provides customizable view controllers for the following high-level features:

Each of these share the following characteristics:

Real-time departures and service details


The stand-alone view controller TKUITimetableControllerFragment let's you quickly and easily embed public transport departures.

This view controller has the following features:

It has the following additional customisation point/s: - Customizable list of action buttons

Trip planning and trip details


The stand-alone view controller TKUITripResultsFragment let's you quickly and easily show routing results between two locations for various modes including combinations of those modes, i.e., this is fully multi-modal and inter-modal.

This view controller has the following features:

Trip mode-by-mode overview


The stand-alone view controller TKUITripDetailsViewControllerFragment let's you display details of a trip on a mode-by-mode (or segment-by-segment) basis.

This view controller has the following features:


The TKUILocationSearchViewControllerFragment can be used to provide autocompletion results for addresses, POIs and custom data sources.

It features the following: - Location Search: - You can type in the name of a place, like a restaurant or a city, and the app will help you find it. - Map Integration: - If you want to search for places on a map, this code lets you do that. You can set an area on the map to focus your search. - Suggestions: - It gives you suggestions as you type, like when your phone suggests words when you're texting. These suggestions can be for specific places or types of locations.

Home screen

The TKUIHomeViewControllerFragment can be used as a start-screen for the trip planning, timetable and search components -- while being highly customizable to add arbitrary other features.

The built-in functionality is a search bar at the top, which uses the same search functionality as the dedicated TKUILocationSearchViewControllerFragment but with the search integrated in the home screen UI, along with a directions button to bring up the RouteInputView.

The purpose of the home screen is then to add individual components, to give users quick access to different section. How to build these, is up to you, but they can be things like:

The TripKitUIExample shows to do some of these.