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Package com.skedgo.tripkit.a2brouting


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A2bRoutingApi Calculates door-to-door trips for the specified mode(s). See more at A2bRoutingApi
A2bRoutingDataModule class A2bRoutingDataModule
A2bRoutingRequest abstract class A2bRoutingRequest
FailoverA2bRoutingApi A wrapper of `[A2bRoutingApi](-a2b-routing-api/ that requestsrouting.jsonon multiple servers w/ class FailoverA2bRoutingApi`
FillIdentifiers Fills id for `[Trip](../com.skedgo.tripkit.routing/-trip/ FillIdentifiers : Function<[MutableList](<[TripGroup](../com.skedgo.tripkit.routing/-trip-group/!>!, [MutableList](<[TripGroup](../com.skedgo.tripkit.routing/-trip-group/!>!>`
GetNonTravelledLineForTrip class GetNonTravelledLineForTrip
GetTravelledLineForTrip class GetTravelledLineForTrip
RequestTime sealed class RequestTime
RouteService interface RouteService
SelectBestDisplayTrip Selects display trip which has lowest weighted score. class SelectBestDisplayTrip : Function<TripGroup!,TripGroup!>
SingleRouteService A decorator of RouteService that performs only one routing request. For example, if we ask it to route from A to B, and while that request is still progress and later we ask it to route from C to B, then the request A-to-B will be cancelled. Cancellation is invoked asynchronously. That means the execution of the request C-to-D doesn't have to wait for the cancellation of the request A-to-B to be done to get started.class SingleRouteService :RouteService
ToWeightingProfileString object ToWeightingProfileString

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