tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.common.util

Package com.skedgo.tripkit.common.util


Name Summary
AbstractObjectPool abstract class AbstractObjectPool<T :Any!>
Gsons class Gsons
LowercaseEnumTypeAdapterFactory class LowercaseEnumTypeAdapterFactory : TypeAdapterFactory
PolyUtil open class PolyUtil
SphericalUtil open class SphericalUtil
StringBuilderPool open class StringBuilderPool :AbstractObjectPool<StringBuilder!>
StringUtils class StringUtils
TimeUtils open class TimeUtils
TransportModeUtils class TransportModeUtils
TripKitLatLng data class TripKitLatLng
TripSegmentListResolver Puts a Departure segment before head of, and puts an Arrival segment after tail of a segment list. open class TripSegmentListResolver
TripSegmentUtils class TripSegmentUtils