tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.common.model / TimeTag


open class TimeTag : Parcelable

A TimeTag encapsulates a departure or arrival time, including a dynamic time of "now".


Name Summary
TimeType See: TimeType


Name Summary
<init> TimeTag(in: Parcel!)


Name Summary
CREATOR static val CREATOR: Creator<TimeTag!>!
TIME_TYPE_ARRIVE_BY The time should be used for ARRIVE_BY calculations.static val TIME_TYPE_ARRIVE_BY:Int
TIME_TYPE_LEAVE_AFTER The time should be used for LEAVE_AFTER calculations (default).static val TIME_TYPE_LEAVE_AFTER:Int


Name Summary
createForArriveBy open static fun createForArriveBy(seconds:Long):TimeTag!
createForLeaveAfter open static fun createForLeaveAfter(seconds:Long):TimeTag!
createForLeaveNow open static fun createForLeaveNow():TimeTag!
createForTimeType open static fun createForTimeType(timeType:Int, seconds:Long):TimeTag!
describeContents open fun describeContents():Int
getTimeInMillis open fun getTimeInMillis():Long
getTimeInSecs open fun getTimeInSecs():Long
getType open fun getType():Int
isDynamic open fun isDynamic():Boolean
setIsDynamic open fun setIsDynamic(isDynamic:Boolean):Unit
setTimeInSecs open fun setTimeInSecs(timeInSecs:Long):Unit
setType open fun setType(type:Int):Unit
writeToParcel open fun writeToParcel(dest: Parcel!, flags:Int):Unit

Extension Functions

Name Summary
formatString funTimeTag.formatString(context: Context, timezone:String?):String
toRoutingTime funTimeTag.toRoutingTime(tz: DateTimeZone):RoutingTime