tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.common.model

Package com.skedgo.tripkit.common.model


Name Summary
AlertAction abstract class AlertAction : Parcelable
Booking abstract class Booking
BookingConfirmation abstract class BookingConfirmation : Parcelable
BookingConfirmationAction abstract class BookingConfirmationAction : Parcelable
BookingConfirmationImage abstract class BookingConfirmationImage : Parcelable
BookingConfirmationPurchase abstract class BookingConfirmationPurchase : Parcelable
BookingConfirmationStatus abstract class BookingConfirmationStatus : Parcelable
BookingProvider abstract class BookingProvider : Parcelable
BookingSource abstract class BookingSource : Parcelable
ITimeRange interface ITimeRange
Location open class Location : Parcelable
PurchaseBrand abstract class PurchaseBrand : Parcelable
Query Represents a query to find routes from A to B. Note that, to avoid TransactionTooLargeException, it's discouraged to pass any instance of Query to an Intent or a Bundle. The Parcelable is subject to deletion at class Query : Parcelable
RealtimeAlert abstract class RealtimeAlert : Parcelable
RealtimeAlerts class RealtimeAlerts
RealTimeStatus class RealTimeStatus
Region open class Region : Parcelable
Regions class Regions
RegionsResponse open class RegionsResponse
ScheduledStop open class ScheduledStop :Location
ServiceStop Represents a future stop of a service in a class ServiceStop :Location,WheelchairAccessible
StopType class StopType
Street abstract class Street : Parcelable
TimeTag A TimeTag encapsulates a departure or arrival time, including a dynamic time of "now".open class TimeTag : Parcelable
TransportMode open class TransportMode
Units class Units
WheelchairAccessible interface WheelchairAccessible


Name Summary
AlertSeverity class AlertSeverity