tripkit-android / com.skedgo.tripkit.ui.dialog / TripKitDateTimePickerDialogFragment / Builder


class Builder

Used to create a new instance of the fragment.


Name Summary
<init> Used to create a new instance of the fragment.Builder()


Name Summary
build Builds a new instance of the build():TripKitDateTimePickerDialogFragment
timeMillis The time in milliseconds to timeMillis(millis:Long): Builder
withLocations Sets the departure and arrival location so that the timezones can be withLocations(departureLocation:Location?, arrivalLocation:Location?): Builder
withTimeTag Automatically populates the fragment using an existing withTimeTag(tag:TimeTag): Builder
withTimeType Sets a TimeType value, which corresponds to: 0 - Leave after 1 - Arrive byfun withTimeType(timeType:Int): Builder
withTimeZones Sets the withTimeZones(departureTimezone:String?, arrivalTimezone:String?): Builder